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M.U.C.I Files (Mutant and Undead Criminal Investigation)


Welcome to The Purple Dee. Pull up a chair and get settled in, the show will start soon!

Our featured performer tonight is Jack the Stripper. He's Jack Severn, newly back from the dead. He's magical, he's hot, but evil he's not!

Our very own Jim Ling-Li, Necromancer extraordinaire brought him back to life, gave him some extra features, and as you'll see, made him irresistible—especially to Jack's ex-girlfriend Brianna. Jack's sexier than ever, and they're better together. But she doesn't want to risk her heart, not again, and definitely not with a zombie.

Jack also has a mission. He's back to catch the Heart Taker, the mutant that's been terrifying human and undead alike. His current obsession's none other than Jack's Brianna.


So give a big hand for Jack...he's going to need all the support he can get to catch his own murderer.

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A meteorite crashes to earth and a strange virus kills all the adults in the world. What would you do? Ryan and his brother travel south, stopping in towns on the way, searching for survivors, determined to save mankind. They've made a promise - never give up - never say die, and always help anyone they can find, even when those children seem to have reverted back to savages.

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Jack the Stripper



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Leave Honey on Your Skin

The Promise

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